Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Virtual Conference
Gijón 2021 Spain June 23-34-25
Español   English
09:30 Connection check-in
10:00 Open ceremony
10:30 Plenary Conference: Past, present and future of the manufacture of structural pulvimetallurgical components. Néstor Martínez (Managing Director of PMG Asturias Powder Metal S.A.U.)
11:15 Coffee-Break / Poster Session
11:45 Session A1: Advances and innovations in manufacturing processes Session B1: Precision engineering and Metrology
Chairman: Aitzol Lamikiz Co-Chairman: Guido Tosello Chairman: Alfredo Sanz Co-Chairman: Braulio Álvarez
12:00 Turning process with Ceramic inserts of ADI cast material, surface analysis. A. Fernández, H. González, P. Fernández, A. Calleja, G. Urbikain , L.N. López de Lacalle Environmental conditions compensation for a length measurement system based in laser interferometry for machine tool volumetric verification. F.J. Brosed, J.J. Aguilar, R. Acero, J. Velázquez, J. Santolaria
12:15 Comparison between milling roughing operations in gear full slotting manufacturing: Trochoidal, plunge and conventional milling. G. Gómez, P. Fernández, A. Del Olmo, G. Martínez de Pissón, A. Jimeno Beitia, H. González, L.N. López de Lacalle Evaluation of the influence of post-processing on the optical inspection accuracy of additively manufactured parts. S. Giganto, S. Martínez-Pellitero, J. Barreiro, E. Cuesta
12:30 Deep hole finishing of Inconel 718 SLMed features by endmilling and reaming. J.D. Pérez, L.N. López de Lacalle, P. Fernández, A. del Olmo Reference standard for the uncertainty estimation of X–ray Computed Tomography measurements of complex macro- and micro-geometries. J.A. Albajez, S. Nuño, L.C. Díaz, D. Gallardo, J.A. Yagüe, R. Jiménez, M. Torralba
12:45 Laser engraving of chip-breaker geometry on Alumina ceramic cutting tools. E. Ukar, J.I. Arrizubieta, J.E. Ruiz, M. Ostolaza, A. Lamikiz CT image quality influence on different material Edge Response Functions for accurate metrological applications. N. Ortega, S. Plaza, J. Iglesias, I. Holgado, A. Pascual
13:00 Design, manufacturing and validation of chip breakers in ceramic inserts for the machining of aeronautic nickel-based superalloys Inconel® 718. P. Fernández, I. Villarón, O. Pereira, F. J. Amigo, E. Ukar, L.N. López de Lacalle Novel system for the automatization of photogrammetric data capture for metrological tasks: application to study of gears. M. Rodríguez, P. Rodríguez
13:15 Lunch break / Poster Session
15:30 Session A2: Factory of the future and Industry 4.0 Session B2: Precision engineering and Metrology
Chairman: Luis Pinto Ferreira Co-Chairman: Carlos Vila Chairman: Juan José Aguilar Co-Chairman: Antonio Piratelli-Filho
15:45 Labour productivity in mixed-model manual Assembly 4.0. A. Miqueo, M. Martín, M. Torralba, J.A. Yagüe Fabra Analysis of the effect of porosity on the mechanical behaviour of L-PBF Inconel 718 using XRCT. A. Pascual, N. Ortega, S. Plaza, I. Holgado
16:00 Maintenance management and Optimization of the thermoforming process for the agri-food industry using the S2 model. F.J. Álvarez, D.R. Salgado, A.G. González, O.L. Pérez, F. Romero Long-term stability analysis and its relationship with the steel structure of gauge blocks from several manufacturers. A. Mínguez, J. Moreno, J. de Vicente
16:15 Path towards embedding industry 4.0 paradigm – Digital competence overview in HEI: The Alto Minho Region case study. T. Pereira, A. Amaral, L. Barreto Feasibility analysis of using machinable glass ceramics to manufacture non-contact measurement approach metrological artefacts. P. Zapico, B. Alvarez, V. Meana, A. Telenti, E. Cuesta
16:30 Development of Machine Learning prediction models for their integration in a Digital Twin for a tapered roller bearing production line. J. Domínguez, A. Esteban, J.A. Romeo, F. Cebrián, S. Santo Domingo, J.J. Aguilar Risk-based inspection planning for hydrogen technologies: review of currents standards and suggestions for modification. F. Ustolin, D. Wan, A. Alvaro, N. Paltrinieri
16:45 Digital twin for the integration of the automatic transport and manufacturing processes. A. Martínez, J. Díez, P. Verde, R. Ferrero, R. Álvarez, H. Pérez, A. Vizán A comparison of fitting criteria for circle arc measurement applications. R. Calvo, A.G. Arteaga, R. Domingo
17:00 Project portfolio risk assessment and digital transformation: challenges and opportunities. C. Micán, G. Fernandes, M. Araújo, E. Ares
17:15 Coffee-Break / Poster Session
17:45 Session A3: Manufacturing engineering in society Session B3: Precision engineering and Metrology
Chairman: José Antonio Yagüe Co-Chairman: Víctor Meana Chairman: Jorge Santolaria Co-Chairman: Roberto D'Amato
18:00 Design Learning: a methodology for the autonomous design and manufacture customized toys based on Machine Learning. M-A. Pardo, L. Rodríguez, P. Pavón Determining the required cleanliness level using synthetic test contamination. P. Brag, V. Piotter, K. Plewa, S. Umbach and M. Herzfeldt
18:15 Design and fabrication of prototype of extrusion equipment for research and teaching purposes. A.M. Camacho, B. de Agustina, A. Pérez, M. Marín, E.M. Rubio Experimental investigation of contact forces and temperatures in rubbing interactions of honeycomb interstate seals. D. Soler, M. Saez-de-Buruaga, P.J. Arrazola
18:30 An overview of the Additive Manufacturing capabilities in the development of rehabilitation products with customized elastic properties. S. de la Rosa Silva, P.F. Mayuet, L. Rodríguez Development of a quality control system for the supply of silica refractory material from China. D. Álvarez, M. García