Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Virtual Conference
Gijón 2021 Spain June 23-34-25
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09:00 Connection check-in
09:15 Session A4: Advances and innovations in manufacturing processes Session B4: Technologies for supporting manufacturing engineering and systems Session C1: Trends in manufacturing systems
  Chairman: Carpoforo Vallellano
Co-Chairman: Gonzalo Valiño
Chairman: Joaquín Barreiro
Co-Chairman: Piera Maresca
Chairman: Juan A. García Manrique
Co-Chairman: Madalena Araujo
09:30 Research on desktop 3D Printing Multi-Material New Concepts. F. Fenollosa, R. Uceda, A. Tejo, L. Calvo, L. Poudelet, I. Buj Re-design of a component of a lower-limb robotic exoskeleton for integrating sensing capacity and enhancing multi-material direct additive manufacturing. J. Minguella, P.R. Challa, M.A. de los Santos, J. Lobo, J.M. Font Influence of product variety on work allocation and server distribution of flexible manufacturing lines. A.G. Arteaga, R. Calvo
09:45 Design for FDM of Flexible Tooling for Manufacturing Aeronautical Components by Incremental Sheet Forming/em>. G. Flores, D. Palomo, A.J. Martínez, M. Borrego, J.A. López, D. Morales, G. Centeno, C. Vallellano Superfinishing robotic cell to automate belt polishing process on critical aeronautical components. M. Gonzalez, A. Rodriguez, O. Pereira, L.N. López de Lacalle An approach to Reverse Engineering Methodology for Part Reconstruction with Additive Manufacturing. J. López, C. Vila
10:00 Mechanical and electrical properties of additively manufactured copper. J. Rodriguez, J.I. Vicente, J.C. Ezeiza, A. Zuriarrain, P.J. Arrazola, X. Badiola, E. Domínguez, D. Soler Machine-dynamics monitoring for L-DED operations. J.I. Arrizubieta, J.E. Ruiz, M. Ostolaza, E. Ukar, A. Lamikiz Life cycle assessment of accessories of Personal Protective Equipment PPE of easy manufacture: Ear-Saver and Anti-contact Key. C. Ayabaca, C. Vila, I. Zambrano, S. Reina, M. Cesen, M. Carrión
10:15 Evaluation of porosity in 3D printed trabecular bone structures for prostheses. I. Buj, A. Bagheri, M. Ferrer, A. Domínguez Contact Image Sensor Integration in Fused Filament Fabrication Machines for Layer Inspection. F. Peña, J.C. Rico, G. Valiño, P. Fernández, V.M. Meana, P. Zapico Supply Chain Production Planning of a Manufacturing Project System 4.0: Case Study: Shipbuilding. M. Ramirez, V. Pérez, A. Gomez, R. Motaño, M. Batista
10:30 Fused Filament Fabrication over fabrics – experiments and applications. C. Legoinha, D. Afonso, L. Pires Product development methodology: non-quality caused in production by mistakes in product development, its measurement and improvement integration in the product development process. C. Gracia, R. Acero, J.A. Yagüe Enactive Manufacturing through Cyber-Physical Systems: A step beyond Cognitive Manufacturing. A. Martín, M.J. Ávila, F. Aguayo
10:45 Recent advances in the extrusion methods for ceramics. I. Buj, D. Vidal, A. Tejo, F. Fenollosa, J. Elmesbahi, A. Elmesbahi Analysis of residual plastic deformation of blanked sheets out of automotive aluminium alloys through hardness maps. G. Maculotti, S. Bonù, L. Bonù, R. Cagliero, G. Genta, G. Marchiandi, M. Galetto Metabolism in Eco-Holonic Manufacturing Systems based on the Living Systems Theory. M.J. Ávila, A. Martín, F. Aguayo
11:00 Barriers to Lean and Pull System implementation: a case study. A. Araújo, A.C Alves, F. Romero
11:15 Coffee-Break / Poster Session
11:45 Session A5: Advances and innovations in manufacturing processes Session B5: Technologies for supporting manufacturing engineering and systems
  Chairman: Angelos P. Markopoulos
Co-Chairman: David Blanco
Chairman: Markus Linke
Co-Chairman: Ana María Camacho
12:00 Analytical study of the melt pool distortion in the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process caused by the angle of incidence of the laser and its effect on the surface finish of the part. S. Sendino, S. Martinez, A. Lamikiz, F. Lartategui, M. Gardon Control Strategies Comparison for a Multi-stage Assembly System using Simulation. S. Benavent, P. Rosado, F. Romero, J.V. Abellán
12:15 Presentation of a concrete additive manufacturing extruder with online rheology modification capabilities. L. Poudelet, B.A. Castellví, C.L. Calvo, D.R. Cardona, E.R. Uceda, F.F. Fenollosa Three-dimensional numerical analysis of tubular adhesive joints under torsional loads. T.J.S. Oliveira, R.D.S.G. Campilho, M.G. Cardoso
12:30 Study of corrosion resistance in Ti 6Al 4V Additive Manufactured parts. J.E. Ruiz, J.I. Arrizubieta, J.M. Vega, M. Ostolaza, A. Lamikiz Numerical investigation of deposition strategies on the residual stress and geometrical deviation in Laser Metal Deposition. M. Ghasempour, D. Afonso, R. Torcato
12:45 Effect of laser heat treatments on the hardness of tool steels. J.N. Lagarinhos, D. Afonso, R. Torcato, C. Santos, M. Oliveira Modelling adhesively-bonded T-joints by a meshless method. I. Sánchez, L. Ramalho, R. Campilho, J. Belinha
13:00 Preliminary study of abrasive water jet texturing on low thickness UNS A92024 alloy sheets. F. Bañón, A. Sambruno, A. Gómez, P.F. Mayuet Merging complex information in high speed broaching operations in order to obtain a robust machining process. A. del Olmo, G. Martínez de Pissón, L. Sastoques, A. Fernández, A. Calleja, L.N. López de Lacalle
13:15 Training program for researchers in design and manufacturing of experimental prototypes for fluids engineering using additive technologies. L. Santamaría, M. García, A. Gharib, M. Galdo, E. Blanco, J.M. Fernández, S. Velarde
13:30 Lunch break / Poster Session
15:30 Session A6: Advances and innovations in manufacturing processes Session B6: Manufacturing engineering in society
  Chairman: Vicente J. Segui
Co-Chairman: Rubén Dorado
Chairman: Teodomiro Boronat
Co-Chairman: Aydin Nassehi
15:45 Resin Bonded Diamond grinding wheels conditioning using SiC rotary dresser. A. Muñoz, L. Godino, J.A. Sánchez, I. Pombo, I. Tolosa 3D Printed Surgical Planning Prototypes Manufactured by a Hybrid Multi-Material 3D Printer. A Tejo, A Castellví, P Lustig, F Fenollosa, R Uceda, I Buj, L Krauel, A Valls, and J Munuera
16:00 Ontological Modelling of Welding Processes. Solano, L. Responding to rapidly changing product demand through a coordinated additive manufacturing production system: a COVID-19 case study. M. Goudswaard, J. Gopsill, A. Ma, A. Nassehi, B. Hicks
16:15 Methodology for embedding mineral insulated cables into 1.2311 tool steel for the manufacture of smart tooling. M. Ostolaza, I. Arrizubieta, M. Muro, E. Ruiz, G. Artola, A. Lamikiz Evaluation of a soft skills serious game educational methodology in an industrial branches technical training program with a heterogeneous group of students. J. Mateo, J.A. Yagüe
16:30 Analysis of the turning efficiency of the Cu-Ni 70/30 ASTM B122 alloy under minimum quantity of lubricant conditions. E. García, V. Miguel, A. Martínez, M.C. Manjabacas, J. Coello Impact of the current production, supply and consumption standards on the Sustainable Development Goals. H.J. Prado, R. Domingo
16:45 Coffee-Break / Poster Session
17:00 SIF Award Ceremony (Access)
17:30 Plenary Conference: Towards self-aware machine tools for traceable production. René Mayer (Professor of the École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Chairman: Eduardo Cuesta