Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Virtual Conference
Gijón 2021 Spain June 23-34-25
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Please provide personal and billing information for the MESIC 2021 online registration.

Mode Registration type Before 21/05/2021 (€) After 22/05/2021 (€)
1 Author & attendant 275 350
2 Author & attendant
(SIF member or professor of the Univ. Oviedo)
200 275
3 Author & attendant
100 175
4 Non-Author & attendant 150 225
5 Non-Author & attendant
50 125

(1) During the registration process they must justify their status as students by means of an official copy of their university enrolment for the 2020-21 academic year

Registration fees

Registration fees cover, at least:

  • The right to present a maximum of two works for each non-student author.
  • Free access to all sessions (oral communications and posters), including keynote sessions.
  • Right of each participant to Conference Documentation + All sessions free access + Certificate of Attendance


People who select the "Student" fee modality should send an official copy of their 2020-21 academic year enrolment document to


The SIF, as the organizing entity of the MESIC, will award a maximum of 15 scholarships for Congress registration fees for those students who provide a communication as first authors. The grant application must be sent to after registration and payment of the corresponding fee. All applications will be evaluated by the SIF, and awarded grants will be communicated to the beneficiaries.


Once the registration procedure has been completed, corresponding payment must be made within a maximum period of 5 days. Finally, a receipt must be sent to


Requests for cancellation of registration must be addressed by email to before June the 1st, 2021.