Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Virtual Conference
Gijón 2021 Spain June 23-34-25
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The Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference (MESIC) was born under the patronage of the Manufacturing Engineering Society (SIF), to fulfil one of its founding objectives: the creation of forums for the exchange of experiences between researchers and professionals in the field of Manufacturing Engineering. Abstracts and full papers submitted to the MESIC 2021 should be written in English. Oral and poster presentations should be done in English as well.


Topics covered in the MESIC 2021 are broadly, but not exhaustively, classified into six categories as follows. Further topics are acceptable, so long as they fall into these six categories:
1 Advances and innovations in manufacturing processes
  • Moulding & Forming
  • Material removal
  • Non-traditional manufacturing
  • Welding, joining and assembly
  • Micro and nano-manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing processes and technologies (AM)
  • Hybrid manufacturing processes
  • Equipment and Tooling
  • Emerging manufacturing processes
2 Trends in manufacturing systems
  • Integrated development of products and processes
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA)
  • Adaptive and intelligent manufacturing systems
  • Rapid product development and manufacturing
  • Holonic manufacturing systems (HMS)
  • Knowledge-based engineering systems (KBE)
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Energy efficiency, sustainability and green manufacturing
  • Ergonomics in manufacturing
3 Precision engineering and Metrology
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Measurement systems and techniques
  • Industrial Quality
  • Monitoring, sensing and control for manufacturing and inspection
  • Virtual Metrology
4 Technologies for supporting manufacturing engineering and systems
  • Mechatronics, automation and robotic applications in manufacturing
  • Sensors, actuators, equipment development, tooling and control for enhancing manufacturing processes
5 Factory of the future and Industry 4.0
  • Methodologies and techniques towards Industry 4.0
  • Technologies for the integration of manufacturing systems in Industry 4.0
  • Methods and tools for organization and management of manufacturing systems in Industry 4.0
  • Digital integration of engineering activities through the whole value chain
  • Vertical integration and networked manufacturing systems
6 Manufacturing engineering in society
  • Training and education in manufacturing engineering
  • Development of manufacturing engineering learning environments
  • New trends and training strategies in manufacturing education
  • History and evolution of manufacturing technologies
  • Industrial heritage in Manufacturing
  • Social impact of Manufacturing
  • Occupational health, safety and welfare in Manufacturing


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Past Editions

MESIC is a biannual international event that has been held continuously since 2005 in different Spanish locations:
MESIC 2005
1st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2005 Calatayud, España
MESIC 2007
2st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2007 Madrid, España
MESIC 2009
3st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2009 Alcoy, España
MESIC 2011
4st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2011 Cádiz, España
MESIC 2013
5st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2013 Zaragoza, España
MESIC 2015
6st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2015 Barcelona, España
MESIC 2017
7st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2017 Vigo, España
MESIC 2019
8st Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference Mesic 2019 Madrid, España